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Discuss all things related to ROI + Breaker Insights. Share thoughts on value and approach to breaking/collecting. Help others gain more visibility into using money wisely.

Breaker Chatter

This category is focused on all things related to Group Breakers. Want to dive into recent experiences? Talk about new technologies? Fun mixers?

Product Chatter

Want to chat about products? Curious about recent checklists? Want to discuss where you are finding value? This is the place!

Sports Talk

Consider this landing page for sports talk. Post your in-game threads, discuss players, enjoy the events. But absolutely no hobby talk is allowed.


This forum is set aside for GROUP BREAKERS who need/want to fill their breaks. Group Breakers are encouraged to have open discussions, chat about the break, and/or keep dialogue moving.


Use this group to discuss the best deals in the marketplace, using the tools on and the mid-power of this community!